Golden Financial Services Provides You with Debt Relief OPTIONS


When shopping for Debt Relief options, the number one thing you need to be sure about is the company you ultimately select to provide you with debt relief services.  There are many companies that offer a debt relief service, but only one program is available to choose from.  Every consumer’s debt situation is unique to that individual and a debt relief company must be able to provide a solution that best fits the consumer.  It’s easy to tell a consumer what they need to hear in order to get them to sign up but what really matters is whether it is the best program for that particular individual’s debt situation.

Here are some tips for choosing the best debt settlement company.

1. Confirm the Debt Relief Company has a favorable rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Make sure to find a company with an A or A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Some companies are “Accredited” while others are not.  Realize that companies which are NOT Accredited and HAVE an A or A+ Rating are the BEST companies to contact because they aren’t paying the Better Business Bureau any money so you can be assured that company EARNED their favorable rating.

2. Make sure you are working with a debt relief company that offers multiple options.  If you are being presented with only ONE option, then you are not being fair to yourself.  Make sure you  have options with program type, length, cost, etc.

3. Make sure the debt relief company you choose has an attorney prepare all the paperwork between you and the creditors.  Never use a company that does not utilize the professional services of a debt relief specialized attorney.  Always protect yourself.

4. Ask for examples of successful results from your debt relief company.  Larger A+ Rated debt relief companies work in volume and can tend to offer better results.

Golden Financial Services checks out with the following:

* A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
* Multiple Custom Debt Relief Options Provided
* Specialized Debt Attorneys Used for Best Results
* One of the Largest, Most Experienced Debt Relief company in the USA



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